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We create bespoke & custom CRM - Customer Relationship Management Software
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Custom CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is bespoke custom built business software that is specifically designed and tailored to perfectly suit your individual business needs.  

Using a bespoke CRM system ensures everything you and your staff needs to be successful is stored in one place and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Log calls, respond to leads, and manage tasks on your mobile, at your desk or at home.    

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In which ways can your company benefit from a CRM?

  • Improve business organisation & performance                                                  

  • Increase staff efficiency                                 

  • Access information any time, any where

  • Identify customer needs more effectively

  • Track and record every client interaction

  • Enhance client satisfaction & retention                                                  
  • Complete diary & task management

  • Increase up-selling opportunities

  • Easy reporting and performance tracking                             

  • Very flexible and customisable

  • Give a better customer service                 
Improve business organisation & performance with a bespoke CRM

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Bespoke CRM

Bespoke CRM

Off-the-shelf products might be a quick and easy solution when you’re first starting out in business, but as your business begins to grow, change and pick up pace, you will start to develop a clearer idea and understanding of how you need your software to perform. You may discover that the off-the-shelf software you initially invested in is no longer flexible or specific enough for your business demands. If you’ve found yourself at this point, it’s time to start thinking about developing a bespoke CRM system.

A massive advantage of choosing to take the bespoke CRM route versus the off-the-shelf route is the ease of use built into your system, every button, feature and function is designed specifically to what you require. It’s fully customised to your business so no extra unnecessary bells or whistles detracting from the core functions and user experience. Plus it’s infinite! – make adaptions and updates as and when they are needed.

With our experience and knowledge of bespoke CRM systems, we are confident we can help you make the right choices to develop the perfect solution.

In-house support

Bespoke software comes with bespoke support. Your developer knows your system and how you use it and can respond to any questions quickly and you're guaranteed to talk directly to us

100% Bespoke

All of our software is 100% bespoke, we build your tailor made solution from the ground up to ensure we have full control on how it functions. We don’t buy and sell on off the shelf solutions.

Up to date

All our bespoke systems use industry standard languages so you be assured that you are benefiting from up-to-date technology and are not left with an unknown platform.

Fully Responsive

We ensure your bespoke software is friendly across all devices. It is important that travelling businesses are able to take their software with them to use on portable platforms.

Let’s get started. We’d love to hear from you.

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