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A library of personalised & categorised content
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Online Portals

What is an online portal?

An online portal is a specially designed website that often serves as the single point of access for information. Online portals can also be considered a library of personalised and categorised content. Portals also allows users to connect with one with ease and simplicity. It combines information from different sources into a single user interface.

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Online portals also offer:

Search and navigation

This functionality forms the basis for most online portals, it should automatically present its user with the information appropriate to the user’s roles and support its user in an efficient search for contents.


Personalisation is available to determine the delivery of appropriate information to the user, each user only gets the information which is specifically tailored to their needs.

Information integration (content management)

An online portal should allow the user to add content, documents and files to the portal using a user friendly interface for quick and easy use.

Task management and workflow

Online portals can provide task management services that can help users manage tasks and workflow. The workflow function can also integrate automated processes which can prompt a user to do something before the system intervenes.

Notification (push technology)

Notifications can be sent directly to a user’s desktop without the user actively having to log in, for example if a deadline is approaching or a document is updated within the system, the user can be notified.

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A great addition for any business

Online portals are a great addition for any business and can provide one central point for all relevant tools, documents and information a business may need. It enables universal login access so important information can be retrieved regardless of location and time and appropriate permissions can be setup to determine the user’s access level and information available to them.

Online Portals

The portal’s functionality can provide an extensive impact on an organisation and its processes. In fact, many companies throughout various industries are introducing and employing a portal platform.

They include the following:

  • Banking & Insurance Portals

  • Patient/Medical Portals

  • Government Portals

  • Student/Faculty Portals

  • Intranets, Extranets, and Employee Portals
In-house support

Bespoke software comes with bespoke support. Your developer knows your system and how you use it and can respond to any questions quickly and you're guaranteed to talk directly to us

100% Bespoke

All of our software is 100% bespoke, we build your tailor made solution from the ground up to ensure we have full control on how it functions. We don’t buy and sell on off the shelf solutions.

Up to date

All our bespoke systems use industry standard languages so you be assured that you are benefiting from up-to-date technology and are not left with an unknown platform.

Fully Responsive

We ensure your bespoke software is friendly across all devices. It is important that travelling businesses are able to take their software with them to use on portable platforms.

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