Business Process Automation

Ensure all bases are covered and nothing slips through the net
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Business Process Automation

A need for business process automation software is often started by a trigger, such as manually filling out a weekly schedule or expenses sheet. Business process automation software is being used by businesses to reduce vital costs and time carrying out repetitive day to day tasks and activities, reducing staffing costs and saving in lost production/work time.

For example, the marketing department follow up leads with initial telephone contact, the automation software can automatically send an email to the potential lead after the call has been completed and marked on the system. The system could then email the sales department to notify the team an order has been placed – the process can continue with stock management, invoicing, delivery, feedback emails etc.

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Centralised communications & customer interactions

Keep customer notes easily accessible to hand for fast customer service. Ensure all staff can communicate quickly and efficiently between different departments without the need to hunt through hundreds of documents or emails. One system in one place.

Planning & tracking employee responsibilities

Assign specific tasks and processes to individual colleagues, keep track with a workflow management system that will give insights on pending or missed deadlines and manage the office work load efficiently.

Minimise manual

Bypass manual errors or inefficacies that could prove costly in both time and money. Missed or late payments a problem? Your automated business process can provide efficient invoicing, payment status and date tracking.

Quality, Accuracy &

Automation software ensures that every action is performed identically – resulting in high quality, consistent, reliable results.

Time & labour

Completing tasks manually can be tedious and slow, not to mention prone to errors. Automation software reduces the number of manual tasks, saving time and ensuring consistent end results.

Business Process Automation
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How Can It Be Used?

Having this automation process in place ensures all bases are covered and nothing slips through the net – also removing the time and associated cost boundary. Imagine it takes 5 minutes of your employee’s time to complete the initial follow up email after a call, multiply this by 15 calls a day, then apply this to 10 members of staff, that’s a total of 12 and a half hours of potential lead generation time. Not to mention how this adds up over each week, month or year!

Business process automation software can also be used for more labour intensive tasks such as;

    Business Process Automation Northants
  • Automated Scheduled Reports

  • Automated Control Desk

  • Automated Suggested Orders

  • Automatic upsell prompts

  • Automatic alerts

  • IT back office processes

  • Document management

The goal of business process automation is to not only automate business processes, but to streamline and improve business operations. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labour resources and using software applications.

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In-house support

Bespoke software comes with bespoke support. Your developer knows your system and how you use it and can respond to any questions quickly and you're guaranteed to talk directly to us

100% Bespoke

All of our software is 100% bespoke, we build your tailor made solution from the ground up to ensure we have full control on how it functions. We don’t buy and sell on off the shelf solutions.

Up to date

All our bespoke systems use industry standard languages so you be assured that you are benefiting from up-to-date technology and are not left with an unknown platform.

Fully Responsive

We ensure your bespoke software is friendly across all devices. It is important that travelling businesses are able to take their software with them to use on portable platforms.

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