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Bespoke Website Modules

There are times when using an off the shelf module in simply not right for your business. With 1PCS you will always be presented with the right solution.

What is a module?

Think of a website module as a building block. These blocks can be built onto an existing system that can further enhance functionality. You can also connect multiple blocks together to then further enhance the initial block, the combinations are endless.

There are thousands of modules available on open source platforms, some great and some very bad. Choosing the right one can be difficult and often they do not work as you expect. There may be elements from multiple modules that you wish to combine that are just simply not compatible together. Using an off the shelf module can also be time consuming, with lack of documentation and support available.

Developing a bespoke website module eliminates this trial and error process and ensures it performs exactly to meet your requirements. We can develop a fully bespoke website module to seamlessly bolt into your existing system. Built from the ground up ensures you have full control of all key elements and the flexibility to manipulate the module to perform exactly as you intend.

Bespoke website modules are an inexpensive way to enhance on an existing system that you may wish to recycle and use again, saving on your original investment cost and starting over from scratch.

We would recommend using bespoke website modules to those businesses that have discovered a gap in their current system and wish to bridge over this before progressing to a fully bespoke system in future.

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Enhance functionality further with a bespoke website module.

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In-house support

Bespoke software comes with bespoke support. Our team knows your system and how you use it and can respond to any questions quickly and you're guaranteed to talk directly to us

100% Bespoke

All of our software is 100% bespoke, we build your tailor made solution from the ground up to ensure we have full control on how it functions. We don’t buy and sell on off the shelf solutions.

Up to date

All our bespoke systems use industry standard languages so you be assured that you are benefiting from up-to-date technology and are not left with an unknown platform.

Fully Responsive

We ensure your bespoke software is friendly across all devices. It is important that travelling businesses are able to take their software with them to use on portable platforms.

Let’s get started. We’d love to hear from you.

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