Our Approach

We approach all projects using a simple six step process.
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Our Approach

It may be you looking for an e-commerce solution, a CRM system or fully bespoke software, then great you’ve found us!

We approach all projects using a simple six step process. Taking the leap into the digital world should be a simple and painless task for a business, we understand the importance of delivering a project in a quick and efficient manner to keep your business running smoothly.

1. Let’s meet

The first step would be to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. We are flexible and want to make life easy for you, so we are happy to come along and visit you at your premises or alternatively you can visit the offices and meet the team – we’ll even make you a cuppa!

This initial meeting will give us an understanding on the nature of your business and what you want to achieve now and in the future.

2. Project analysis

The project analysis phase is where the project lifecycle begins. This is an opportunity for us to go away and research into the project and the technologies involved. We like to break down the project and construct a robust solution that we can deliver to meet your expectations. We will communicate with you during this stage to highlight any potential weaknesses in the system and how we can develop these.

Following this, we will provide you with a project brief highlighting the specification of the project and an overview on how the system will work.

3. Design & Build

Design and build is the visual stage of the project. During this stage you will get to see the proposed look and feel of your new system. We provide you with an initial visual on how the system will look whether that be the front end or back end interface (dependant on project type).

We are confident in our skills and offer 100% design guarantee, this means we will continue to adjust and tweak your design if necessary, or provide you with a completely different look if it’s not quite right.

Once we have the design stage completed, we will move forward with developing the functionality and integrating your design into the system.

4. Preview & Testing

The preview and testing stage is when we pull up the curtain to reveal your shiny new system. During this stage we will work together to test the system and invite colleagues to get involved too.

This stage is important to get a true reflection on the usability and how the user will interact with the system. During this stage we will be fine tuning and tweaking in preparation for launch.

5. Live

Once you are happy with the system and it meets the agreed requirements, we can set the wheels in motion to set your new system live.

We carefully plan and schedule a convenient launch time, and ensure the process is as streamlined as possible to ensure minimal disruption.

6. Ongoing Support & Future Development

Rest assured, from the moment you select to work with us and during the lifecycle of your system, we will continue to provide friendly ongoing support and maintenance to continually grow and develop your system.

We can work with you to discuss future developments and enhancements as and when the needs may arise.

Let’s get started. We’d love to hear from you.

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