How can a custom CRM grow your business?

14th October 2020 back to blog

As business, we all want more sales, right? Without sales, there is no room to build and grow. We’ve all tried different method of boosting sales, from networking to marketing campaigns and more. These are great for driving more leads to your door, but they don’t always convert into sales. Now, there’s no perfect 100% way to turn every lead into a sale, but there’s one thing that can make a big difference; having a custom CRM.

What is a CRM though?

We covered this in one of our previous blog posts which you can check out here if you want. However, for those that haven’t read that post, we’ll give you a run down here as well. A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is software designed to optimise your business’s workflow. Whether that’s communication between different teams within your business, or outlining a sales funnel and strategy, a CRM is more versatile and useful than just another app on your computer designed to speed up just one process.

What are the key areas for business growth?

Businesses work on sales; without sales, there can be no business. So naturally, to be able to have any room to grow, there needs to be an increase in sales. Now, there are a number of ways behind the scenes to help your business gain more customers, from ensuring you offer top quality customer services to help positive feedback spread word of mouth or by having your product fit a market gap or specific niche. It doesn’t have to be all about products, depending on your company, there can be better areas to explore in terms of growth, but how do you manage all this extra business you have; this leads us nicely onto the next question.

How does this link in with having a custom CRM?

As mentioned above, CRMs are designed to make managing business processes easier. This ties in perfectly with sales as it becomes a place to start, track and save all the necessary details for each and every sale. They help with managing sales funnels, and can be a great way to link different team members together to complete one sale based on their expertise or their position within the sales funnel. But these are aspects an Off-the-Shelf CRM can do for the most part, so why go for a custom CRM? Well, we have a direct comparison blog post which you can read here, but we’ll focus on the more bespoke side for this post. Getting a custom CRM made will mean it is specific to you and your business meaning you won’t have to change the way you work. The sales funnel can be directly integrated into a brand-new system designed purposefully to work around that, rather than the other way around with the business having to change its methods. Couple that with the ability to integrate with an ecommerce website, this allows for more flexibility in the ordering and the tracking of sales process. This means customers are able to order online and it will populate the appropriate fields in the system, or you can enter the details directly into the CRM if the order is taken over the phone. But this doesn’t directly answer the question at the start; ‘How can a custom CRM grow your business?’. Well, being able to manage the sales in an easy and efficient way through a CRM means less time having meetings discussing which stage of a sale different clients are at, less time sending files back and forth between colleagues and less time jotting down notes of an order over the phone, only to type them up later to be processed. With all this time saved, it becomes the perfect opportunity to push your own sales drive, whether that be networking meetings, designing leaflet adverts or running marketing campaigns.

Are CRMs only good for managing sales?

Definitely not! Back to the previous point, not only do you now have the time to get more sales, but you also have the tools at your disposal to manage that internal sales drive and more. The beauty of a bespoke CRM is, well, it’s bespoke. They can be built to manage not just sales, but other projects like marketing, product development and stock tracking. Just like your business, CRM’s can grow too. If you need extra features down the line, more capacity or more capability, the system can be expanded to accommodate that too.

So, at a glance, what are the key takeaways?

  • Allows you to manage the progress of sales easier, at any stage throughout the funnel
  • Software means the whole team can be connected on each project
  • Saves time across the whole sales funnel which can be better spent getting more leads and sales
  • A custom CRM can integrate with your existing workflows, rather than having to adapt your business to fit an Off-The-Shelf solution
  • The bespoke nature allows for expandability further down the line. As your business grows, so can your CRM

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