What is bespoke software development?

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You are probably reading this because you want to know more about why bespoke software development would be a good idea for your business, right? Well, we’ll certainly get onto that, but first a bit of context and a breakdown about what’s in the name.

Software – this is a program that is based on a computer; whether that be a home or work computer or commercial server it doesn’t matter the specific location but can be on all of them. These programs are, in most cases, designed to complete a certain task like browsing the internet or typing up a document.

So, if that’s software, then that means software development is the process of creating those programs in the first place. A lot of companies create a program to sell on and to do this, the software often has to take a broad approach across a solution. These ‘Off-The-Shelf’ programs (a term you’ll hear us use a lot in our comparisons) have to cater to a wide variety of people and therefore don’t always have the functionality that some businesses need. This can push towards having to use multiple pieces of software to get the job done, or by forcing the business workflow to be altered to fit around that exact software. This is where the ‘Bespoke’ part comes in. What if you don’t want to try and fit it with some existing software or what if there isn’t any software available at all? Bespoke Software Development is the perfect route for this as it can be built just for you. Your needs and requirements, all taken into account to make software suit you, rather than the other way around.

Why Go for Bespoke Over Off-The-Shelf?

The main reason is that while an off the shelf solution is intended for the mass market, it has to make use of a more general set of tools and options. Whilst you might be able to do all that you need using commercial software, it is unlikely to fit your business. Changing colours or even fonts doesn’t count for calling it your own.

Tablet displaying graphs on a piece of bespoke software

If you do need to make changes, if the software even allows it, you might still need to hire a developer to be able to do this, after all, commercial software isn’t built to a particular set of specifications.

A bespoke piece of software is. It can be tailored to your businesses workflows and specifications to ensure you can get the exact thing you need. This also means you aren’t paying for creating functionality that you don’t need. There’s no point having some complicated, long-winded tool in the software that’ll you never use or even look at.

How does bespoke software benefit a business?

  1. Firstly, as mentioned in the above sections, it can be built exactly to your needs. Integrating directly into your existing workflows and processes is important so that you can hit the ground running and not have to learn or relearn how to go about completing the task.
  2. Secondly, the time-saving. This can be a big one as when it is built to how your business works, it keeps the smooth-running systems you already had in place. Couple that with the ability to automate sections normally confined to paperwork, then the time can be better spent elsewhere and growing the business
  3. Cost – As you only pay for the functions you need; you won’t need to pay these large corporations for parts of an app that are getting wasted. Whilst some features might require a monthly subscription, usually in the case of specialist text messaging from the software, or cross-referencing addresses that users enter to make sure the details are correct, it’ll still be a lot less than paying monthly for an Off-The-Shelf solution.
  4. Flexibility – Like every business, it doesn’t have to be static. One of the joys of bespoke software development is that as your business grows and changes, so can the software. Whether it’s focusing more on certain aspects and building in greater depth and detail, or having a major shift and just looking to retain admin sections, this can all be done with a bespoke project. Also, without needing to try and work around a commercial off-the-shelf products coding, these changes can often be integrated much quicker

In Conclusion

Bespoke Software Development is mainly about getting what’s right for you.

Two women working together looking at a monitor

No time wasted researching the best commercial product to fit in with your business or trying to fit your business around the software. Instead, you get exactly what you want, and no wasted extras.

Plus, it can be upgraded, changed and tweaked down the line to continue to suit your business as it changes as well. While the upfront costs may be higher than Off-The-Shelf programs, you’ll have a piece of software that can comfortably stay the life of the company in a much easier, efficient and simpler package.

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