How can a custom CRM improve your customer relationships?

22nd December 2021 back to blog

Custom CRM software will give your sales team and account managers the ability to build stronger and deeper customer relationships. Alongside simple and efficient ways to both up-sell and cross-sell to your existing customer contacts and potential customers. CRM has been shown to improve customer retention by 27%.

Below we look at different areas in which custom CRM software can create meaningful customer experiences and support your business to achieve your business goals.

As a starting point if you are new to learning about custom CRM development services, you may find this previous blog a useful read which explains what bespoke software development is.

Personalised communication with your own custom CRM

Are you setting reminders in your Outlook for customer birthdays? A custom CRM system does this all for you. Your own CRM solution allows you to include as many personalised details on your customers as you wish. Improve your customer relationship management for your sales and marketing team with the ability to include personal details such as birthdays, family details from children and pets to tracking their purchases and customer data in one central location accessible to all your employees.

Now CRM Solutions don’t stop there. When you build a custom CRM your marketing specialists can personalise your marketing with regular and highly personalised communication with your existing and potential customers.

Share a personalised birthday message or automatically follow up 1 month after their purchase to check they are happy with their product or service. When customers feel thought of and an interaction is tailored to them this will increase customer retention rates and improve customer relations. In fact, 64% of customers in a recent study said they felt their experience with a brand was more important than the price when deciding on a purchase.

As your business goes from strength to strength and your sales team expands, CRM software development allows for you to easily keep that personal touch with each and every customer.

Team working together on their business plans.

Save your team time with quicker business processes and improved workflow efficiency

Are you currently entering customer details into excel sheet after excel sheet and sharing on email whilst working remotely? You can save both yourself and your team members valuable time with your own CRM system. To free them up to focus on other business operations.

Customer details can be entered into your custom CRM software from multiple sources whether that be entered manually during a customer call, from social media, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook to database integration from your existing internal system for tracking existing customers.

Custom CRM solutions are designed and developed to suit your current business processes which in itself limits the need for extensive training for your staff, they quickly can adapt to using your custom CRM software. You will be amazed the time efficiencies a custom CRM implementation can have for your team, as well as the benefits to your customers.

Having one location to log and track all your current and potential customer information ensures no information is missing which may accidentally be kept somewhere else e.g. a team members desktop or notepad! or emailing across an out of date version of a spreadsheet between the team. Strong customer relationships depend on up to date and accurate information, especially as your business grows. Custom CRM solutions allow for every employee to be knowledgable on each customer in a quick and efficient manner at any point along the sales funnel, so your customer feels valued.

Custom CRM

Solve customer issues and queries quicker to improve customer service

Working with a custom CRM development company to build a custom CRM software tailored for your customer support managers will provide them at the touch of a button all the details they need to know on the history of a customer, with any previous conversations, purchases and personal data stored all in one easy to access CRM database.

Therefore if you find yourself in the situation of an unhappy or difficult customer, your account management team will be well prepared to personalise their response and quickly resolve any issue to improve their customer satisfaction.

Don’t you hate it when you call a business back and have to go over the same details multiple times with multiple people before even getting into your specific problem. With a custom CRM system, even if they weren’t the original team member to speak with the customer, they can still provide your customer with a prompt and efficient solution to any query whilst referring to past customer details. Without the need for your customer to keep repeating themselves!

Customer satisfaction survey

Increase the sales potential of your customers

When you think of your business goals and business growth we are confident one of your business objectives for your sales managers will be to increase their sales. A custom CRM solution allows you to do just that. With a central customer database your sales team can benefit from the CRM features to not only up-sell but also cross-sell to both potential and current customers at any stage along the sales funnel.

With advanced features and custom functionality allowing your sales team to easily refer to your customer interests, past purchases and interactions tracked in one central CRM platform provides such a high level of detail for any company department to build stronger and deeper customer engagement to build on their customer experience. Building strong business relationships, custom solutions and/or service packages for your customers is the name of the game with custom CRM systems.

Custom CRM example

Why have a custom CRM solution instead of an off-the-shelf CRM solution

Perhaps you are thinking you could achieve the above with one of the many pre packaged CRM systems available to handle your task management, calendar management and sales intelligence. However where custom CRM systems differ to an off-the-shelf solution is their uniqueness to you and your business needs and company strategy.

An off-the-shelf solution often has many functionalities and data entry boxes you won’t need to use within your business. Therefore actually slowing down your account management team rather than improving workflow efficiency. Along with slowing down your customer service and response time.

Working with software companies to decide together the software requirements specifications allows for the CRM developers to build the CRM functionality specific and tailored to how your employees are used to working, saving on training time and day-to-day time completing relevant tasks along the sales funnel for your customers. Freeing up their time to focus on growing your business.

As your business grows and your business goals and needs change, your CRM software if built using custom CRM development services allows you to build additional advanced functions as and when your business requires. Saving you from paying for functionality right now you may not even need from an off-the-shelf CRM software solution, or may never need! For more detailed information on the pros and cons of custom CRM solutions compared to off-the-shelf CRM solutions we cover this in our previous blog post.

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