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Welcome to the Bespoke Cloud Software Blog! Collectively between our team members we have great expertise througout the industry, we thought a blog would be the perfect place to share this to the world.

8 reasons why to have a client portal

19th July 2022

Using a client portal for your business has endless advantages, in our blog post today we will look at 8 key reasons to have a client portal. First lets recap on what a client portal is and how it can help overall. A client portal is a central location for customers and employees in a

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How CRM and marketing automation used together can increase your sales

6th July 2022

If you think of your business objectives and goals for the next year, 5 or 10 years. We would imagine regardless of the type of business or industry you work within. Increasing your sales is high on the agenda for your business goals. Integrating your CRM with marketing automation is a proven way to do

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How your business will benefit from a CRM database

22nd June 2022

When it comes to a strong CRM strategy having a CRM database is an essential part. CRM databases provide many benefits across different departments within a business from sales and marketing to customer service and management teams. Our blog post will include what a CRM database is, examples of what can be included in the

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Bespoke Recruitment CRM

27th May 2022

When it comes to a recruitment business competition is fierce to have the highest calibre of candidates for clients and with hundreds of applicants to look after, often the challenge can be having enough hours in the day! With a bespoke recruitment CRM built tailored to your business needs and how your business operates day-to-day

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What is CPQ?

16th May 2022

Perhaps you have read or heard people mention CPQ in meetings or in an article but not too sure what it means and how it might help your business. This blog post will address all the questions you have on CPQ so by the end of this post you will understand the value CPQ software

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How a client portal can benefit your business

8th March 2022

Firstly let us recap on what a client portal is (or you may have heard them be called customer portals). Client portal software is a bespoke portal tailored to your business and clients to be a one stop location to upload and access documents, update task progress and make payments among other useful functions. Each

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What can be achieved for your business with Bespoke Software?

1st February 2022

The world is your Oyster when it comes to bespoke software solutions and how it can help your business both today and for your future growth plans. Let’s just recap on what bespoke software is. Put simply it is tailor made specifically to how your business works. So rather than ‘off the shelf’ solutions which

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How can a custom CRM improve your customer relationships?

22nd December 2021

Custom CRM software will give your sales team and account managers the ability to build stronger and deeper customer relationships. Alongside simple and efficient ways to both up-sell and cross-sell to your existing customer contacts and potential customers. CRM has been shown to improve customer retention by 27%. Below we look at different areas in

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What is bespoke software development?

19th July 2021

You are probably reading this because you want to know more about why bespoke software development would be a good idea for your business, right? Well, we’ll certainly get onto that, but first a bit of context and a breakdown about what’s in the name. Software – this is a program that is based on

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How can a custom CRM grow your business?

14th October 2020

As business, we all want more sales, right? Without sales, there is no room to build and grow. We’ve all tried different method of boosting sales, from networking to marketing campaigns and more. These are great for driving more leads to your door, but they don’t always convert into sales. Now, there’s no perfect 100%

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